Why Does my Dog Bury his Food?

Here are a few reasons why your dog might be burying their food: CANINE INSTINCT: It has long been within their DNA for canines such

What to look for in Dog Food?

Often dog owners, especially new dog owners, have questions pertaining to the responsibility of taking care and raising a new furry friend. Of the most

what is BHA in dog food

What is BHA in Dog Food?

-What is BHA- BHA or Butylated Hydroxyanisole are commonly used preservatives added to a wide variety of processed foods, cosmetics, and petroleum products.  They help

how to store dog food

How to Store Dog Food?

The optimal place to store dog food is in cold storage bins and cans built for the task. These can be anywhere from 2-5 ft

how to keep ants out of dog food

How to Keep Ants out of Dog Food?

Ants are infamously known to be one of the world’s greatest food-thieving cherry-pickers ever.  Their omnivorous tendencies make them eat anything that sits in their

how to soften dog food

How to Soften Dog Food?

The best way to soften dog food is by adding water. Adding water will merely soften up the chew so that it becomes more malleable

where to donate dog food

Where to Donate Dog Food?

According to the ASPCA, roughly 8 million animals are processed into shelters each year. This gives animal handlers tons of work to do and thus

is grain free food good for dogs

Is Grain Free Food Good for Dogs?

Research has shown that grain-free food can be beneficial for dogs. Suggesting that grain-free products are not only healthier than a lot of the processed

What Dog Food is Killing Dogs?

With the frequent rumors related to dog food, you are rightly confused about the food and dog treats brands you should give to your dog.

How to Transition Dog Food?

All pet owners are compassionate when it comes to their pets. Being a pet owner is a big responsibility, and you will want to keep

What Is The Healthiest Dog Food?

What is the healthiest dog food? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every dog is different, and there are different parameters to judge

Can Dogs Have Pork Bones?

We, humans, are crazy about pork chops, ribs, barbecue, and drink. However, our dogs wait till the end of the party so that they can