Serrano Ham bone for dogs

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What are Serrano Ham Bones for Dogs?

Serrano Ham Bones are sourced from Curated Jamon Legs in the heart of Spain. After delicious Jamon (Spanish Prosciutto) is carved from these legs, we are left with a scrumptious Serrano Ham Bone. Curated for up to 2 years, these bones become tender and chewable for dogs – they are packed with intense amount of natural flavor and considered as one of the best natural dog treats! Our Serrano Ham Bones come in many varieties: whole, half size, wrapped in a slice of jamon, or knuckle sliced. Keeping them busy for long periods of time – you’ll get to have some “me time” while your pup enjoys. Your dog will thank you once they have a taste of our delicious Serrano Bones!