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Platinum Pet Treats: All-Natural and Drool-Worthy, Inspected and Independently Tested to Ensure Highest Quality [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR QUALITY ASSURANCES]

How do You Get your Dog to Eat Food?

Say you’ve had your pet eating human food for some time, or was raised eating table scraps along with their normal meal. Whatever the case may be, you are having difficulty getting your dog to eat dog food. And it all comes down to this reason.


Right off the bat, it isn’t a behavioral thing. Oftentimes, dogs develop their pickiness after having too much of something that they really enjoy. Like all animals, they are made with an intense food drive, and it’s not like animals to be picky over something that they need for survival. It honestly comes down to the fact that we often let our dogs eat human food, or have one too many dog treats, or one too many of the same food.

This prevents a dog from wanting anything else since they have become accustomed to what is always given. Diets like these aren’t exactly the healthiest. Not only does this type of diet increase the risk of your pet becoming obese but it is what has encouraged this picky behavior in the first place. As your dog has now purposefully avoided regular dog food for the more exciting and flavorful meal they are used to.

And so when it comes to fixing this issue, it comes down to limiting the consumption of such foods for your dog. Bearing in mind that the diet of an animal is significantly different than that of humans, feeding what might be good for humans isn’t necessarily best for an animal.


If you often provided your dog with many different types of food earlier on in their life, then this habit might have been developed then. The variety of dog food has allowed your dog to develop this finicky pallet of taste that has inhibited them from enjoying regular food. Instead, it’s the dog that has you “trained” so to speak, as you are now desperately trying to find different foods to get your dog to pick and eat just one.

Here’s the solution:

  • Significantly limit your dog’s food
  • Set a strict feeding schedule and leave their meals out for a short period of time before taking it away right Whether it has been fully eaten or not.
  • After some time, your dog might be looking for their favorite food or treat, and as much as possible, please resist the urge to satisfy their wants. If they are hungry, they will eat, and over the long run, they will lose their old picky

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AND PLEASE NOTE: This is a gradual process Things to consider…

  • You should start off combining the new dog food with their old favorite and gradually increase the new over the old so that you prevent an overdramatic dog coming after you for switching their
  • With moving wet food to dry food, moisten the dry food with warm
  • If your pet has always been a normal eater, and behaviorally hasn’t had a history of being picky but suddenly becomes super finicky, then there may be an eating disorder at Consult a vet for a professional opinion on the matter and act accordingly.
  • Invest in natural dog chews that can help supplement a healthy These can be used to reward good behavior and keep your dog busy over time. Platinum Pet Treats is a good example of a company that regularly provides only 100% natural dog treats that are single-ingredient. They have a ton of variety for even the pickiest of dogs to choose and benefit from.

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