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Platinum Pet Treats: All-Natural and Drool-Worthy, Inspected and Independently Tested to Ensure Highest Quality [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR QUALITY ASSURANCES]

How much food should I feed my Dog?

There is a no-size-fits-all answer to this question. Well, there are a lot of factors that impact the feed of a dog. Every pet has its own unique needs, and it is difficult for a dog owner to understand the signs of hunger. 

Moreover, being a dog owner comes with a lot of responsibility; therefore, you must explore all the areas. Keep on reading…

Can I give the same feed to all of my dogs?

Well, not all dogs are the same. If you are bringing a dog home for the first time or adopting a second one, you need to examine the meal times closely. 

However, dog food packages and dog treats come with a label; but you need to chart how much and how often to feed your dog based on his needs. Not feeding enough or feeding too much can have health consequences.


What Factors impact the feeding of a Dog?

Not only; how much food, but what type of food also matters. As a dog owner, you must have all the information present in your mind; in terms of your dog feed. 

  • Activity Levels: Activity level is the most critical factor that dog owners often neglect. Not to mention, the feeding recommendations on the dog food are based on the activity levels. If your dog is highly active and goes on a daily run, he might need extra calories. And If your pet is overweight and not that active, you need to manage the calorie intake.
  • Weight: Ideal body condition; the term also exists for dogs. A dog owner needs to maintain their overall health. If your pet is not in his best body condition, you are bound to make adjustments in how much you are feeding him. You can take help from a weight management formula and help your dog to achieve the best shape. 
  • Age: You cannot feed the same meal to your dog for years. As your dog grows, the nutritional needs also change. If he is a small pup, feed him puppy food for proper development. Moreover, there are senior formulas as well; for older dogs to keep their minds active. Once you know the balanced food as per your dog’s individual needs, you can control how much food you give to your dog. 

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How often should I feed my dog?

You need to maintain a chart. Set mealtimes, and keep the mealtime consistent. The type and amount of food must be according to the age of your dog.

Moreover, keeping mealtimes will help in maintaining digestive health and ideal body condition. Apart from the meals, if you are giving natural treats to your dog; make sure to count on the calories.

Why does the right amount of dog food matter?

Whether you feed too little; or you feed too much, your dog can suffer from nutritional problems in both cases. 

However, abnormal feeding can cause more musculoskeletal problems, congestive heart failure, Cushing disease, shortened lifespan, etc. Giving the right amount of quality dog food can help in maintaining your dog’s overall health. 

Is free-feeding a good feeding style?

Leaving food available to dogs at all times is not a good option at all. Free-feeding is also not recommended by veterinarians. Moreover, households with multiple dogs should never go for free-feeding. 

Not to mention, free-feeding leads to obesity and overeating. Setting mealtimes can help your pup avoid grazing and over-eating. Moreover, sticking to a schedule also helps in good mealtime behavior. 

Taking your dog’s lifestyle into account is essential. You can combine the information above with your knowledge about your dog’s lifestyle; and come up with the amount of food to offer to your dog at one time. Consider that; you have a 35 pound Pembroke who gains weight real fast; try giving him less food. On the other hand, if you have an active German shepherd who is never lazy, feed him more than the table recommends.