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Platinum Pet Treats: All-Natural and Drool-Worthy, Inspected and Independently Tested to Ensure Highest Quality [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR QUALITY ASSURANCES]

How to Keep Dogs out of Cat Food?

It is ever so often that when owning both dog and cat pets, one eating from the other’s bowl is almost inevitable. Dog’s enjoy cat food and foods of all kinds.  And perhaps the reason why dogs enjoy cat food so much is that cat food has higher levels of protein, fat, and other nutrients than dog food.  With such strong scents, it’s no surprise why dogs are so drawn to it. And although it is completely safe for dogs to eat cat food, all the protein and fat within the food might cause some quick weight gain and your cat would also be pretty upset.  Now, as it comes to finding a solution to this problem, the answers are pretty simple.


Dogs right off the bat may not know the difference between their meal and the meal of their cat neighbor, and so a great way to train your dog in understanding what’s theirs and what is the cat’s is by better distinguishing the food bowls.  Using different bowl sizes of different colors and styles might be a great way for your dog to tell the difference.  Train your dog to leave the cat food alone and perhaps separating them during feeding times might be good as well.


As aforementioned, separating the two pets might make for the best option. Say you’ve lost patience in trying to train your dog to understand the difference between their food and the cat’s food, separating them during mealtime is optimal.  This can look like having your cat eat in one room of the house and the dog eats outside or another room. Make sure it’s a spot that your dog would have a hard time getting to. Here are some other ways to keep the two separate:
  •  For small dogs, a sturdy baby gate that an agile cat can hop over might just do the trick.
  • For large dogs, installing a small cat door or baby gate onto a door would also help keep a dog away from nagging the cat.
  • When your cat has finished their meal, putting away any leftovers in a place your dog will never reach is also a good idea.
  • Placing your cat’s bowl on a high surface like the fridge or a washing machine might work. Even a mountable cat platform that once installed 6 feet from the ground, your dog will have no chance at stealing the cat’s food.
Also Check: Best Bully Sticks for Dogs In summation, leaving cat food out in spaces where your dog can sneak and steal your cat’s meal is what will continue to feed the problem. Minimizing the opportunities for your dog to make that steal. Making their feeding schedule clear to them will reap lots of benefits. So whether you decide to separate the pair during meal times, so that the dog eats outside and the cat eats inside, or purchasing a mountable cat feeding station that attaches 6 feet up the wall so that your wild dog won’t reach, these practical solutions will do the trick.  But probably most counter-intuitively to these suggestions, however, is why not keep your dog busy with a delicious bone rather than your cat’s lunch. At Platinum Pet Treats, we offer your dog the Most high-end dog treats that the market has to offer. Whether for training or for rewarding your dog for not eating your cat’s 10am’s breakfast, our 100% natural, single-ingredient dog treats will surely have your dog gnawing their angsty behavior away. Check out some of our products and join the PPT family with a purchase from us. Also Read: How to Store Dog Food?