Pig Ear for Dogs

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Pig Ear for Dogs

Crunchy, yet chewy. Delicious and entertaining. All Natural and long-lasting.

You guessed it – Pig Ears, your pup’s newest obsession.

Available as whole, half, strips, or even super.

Super Pig Ears
Super Pig Ears | Tasty, Long Lasting, Single Ingredient, All-Natural Dog Chews |

What are Pig Ears?

Our pig ears are just that – pig ears! We don’t believe in adding anything else to our chews, that’s why they are a single ingredient. Never made with additives, preservatives, or colorants. Baked at various temperatures, we ensure that our pig ears are cooked to perfection for your sweet pup to enjoy!

Pig ears are good for my dog?

Pig Ears are a safe treat for dogs to enjoy. They are easy to digest and come in various sizes so all sized pups can satisfy their need to chew. How do I know what size is right for my pup? Keep reading!

How Often Can I Give My Dog a Pig Ear?

Pig Ear Strips: Perfect for small sized breeds, as well as a quick snack for medium or large sized breeds.
Half Pig Ears: Our half pig ears are great for small to medium sized dogs, but also as a quick snack for large sized breeds.
Whole Pig Ears: Got a Medium-Large sized dog? Here is the range we recommend you get – it’ll keep your pups busy and happily chewing!

How long will a pig ear last?

Pig ears are not a long-lasting organic treat; they can keep your dog busy for hours. A small dog; or a dog with slow chewing action will take time to get through a pig ear. However, the middle of a large breed dog will finish it in under five-ten minutes.

If you are looking for something new and different for your fur baby; other than the usual bone, toy then; pig ears are a good option. It is a safe treat that enhances mental stimulation and contains nutritional benefits as well.

 Advantages of Pig Ear Snacks