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Are you looking for duck feet for dogs? You are in the right place as we are providing high-quality products at the best pricing.

Ducks feet are indeed a delicacy for not just dogs, but humans too. Although they look a bit creepy, they are a treat for dogs. Ever since this whole organic and healthy living fiasco has started; dog owners are always looking for natural and healthy treats for their dogs. 

For some reason, there are a lot of questions revolving around benefits, safety, hygiene, etc. In this article, we will unfold all the queries regarding duck feet for dogs. Also, we will answer; how is it beneficial for your dog. 

What are duck feet?

There are no surprises about what anatomical part duck feet come from. The foot of a duck is a wasted part of a slaughtered duck. However, producing them as dog treats ensures that no part is going to waste. 

What are the different forms of duck feet?

You can treat your dog with three different forms of duck feet. Moreover, you can also ask your butcher to provide you with a combination of all three forms. 

  • Dehydrated: you do not get the dehydrated duck feet in a raw form. They are cleaned and dehydrated in a dog food dehydrator. Also, they are properly packaged and come with a shelf-life of over six-eight months. Moreover, they are somewhat yellow; with a hint of green too. They look slightly shriveled; as compared to raw duck feet. 
  • Raw: get the raw duck feet straight from the butcher’s shop. We would recommend you to get it in the fresh form. You can also get it in the frozen form; as they are not at all processed. However, you need to thoroughly clean it before giving it to your dog; as they might reject it due to the strong smell. 
  • Puffed: this form is low in nutrients and vitamins; as the majority of the healthy component is air-dried during the process. Moreover, they are a bit similar to a dehydrated form. Also, they are white, do not possess a strong smell, and come in a better shape. Moreover, they might look a little puffed up. 

What is the nutritional value of duck feet for dogs?

Duck feet come with extremely high nutritional value. Also, they help in maintaining the dental hygiene of the dogs; which is one difficult task. Moreover, duck feet contain concentrations of glucosamine and chondroitin. The two concentrations are used to manage the join condition as well and are most commonly found in canine joint supplements.

Providing duck feet to your dog means building a foundation for joint cartilage; therefore improving overall joint health. Besides, duck feet are extremely beneficial for arthritic dogs. The majority of the veterinarian also recommends feeding duck feet to dogs with conditions of hip dysplasia. In terms of statistical measures, duck feet is an alternative to natural joint supplements as it comes with around 500-550mg of glucosamine. 

Dental hygiene—another major health benefit of duck feet. However, you might feel a little annoyed by your dog’s breath right after eating duck feet. But, the crunching action while eating the duck feet helps in cleaning the teeth. A mild abrasion is created on the outer enamel; eating the duck feet scraped it away along with left-over food and plaque. Also, if you are struggling to brush your dog’s teeth regularly; give them duck feet and feel a little less guilty. 

Well, it is believed that; “Dog treats are not healthy”? Not true in the duck feet case. It consists of skin, tendons, cartilage, and tiny bones. Also, there are no such calories as compared to processed meaty treats. The protein content is 40-45%; whereas; fat content is 18-20%. 

A healthy treat is a real thing; giving duck feet to your dog means that you are giving them a proper healthy daily meal. A small dog can have one in a day, and a large dog can have up to three per day. It might take them 15-20 minutes to crunch the treat. 

Are duck feet safe for dogs?

If you are a dog owner; you must have heard, “NEVER GIVE COOKED BONES”: this might be a reason why you are on this question. Cooked bones can cause a blockage that can lead to gastrointestinal complications. However, duck feet are not cooked at all. They are either raw, dehydrated, or puffed. Also, they are crunchy and crumbly; your dog will munch through the treat. 

However, if you are concerned about the nails of the duck—yes, that can be a problem. The nails are sharp and they are harder to digest. If you are buying the raw duck feet; you can ask the butcher to train the nail. Also, the majority of the puffed and dehydrated duck feet come with trimmed nails. If you are not convinced, as still concerned; you can do it yourself. A quick snip with a scissor will serve the purpose. Also, most importantly; all dogs should be supervised when they are having a treat. 

We mentioned all the possible scenarios, and it proves that duck feet are safe for dogs. However, when it comes to obese dogs; it is a red flag. A dog on a diet; should never be fed with any treats.

Other than that; dogs prone to pancreatitis should avoid duck feet as it can cause flare-up conditions which might be unpleasant for your dog. Also, if your dog has food allergies; do give it a test-run before feeding. 

Is it unpleasant to store duck feet?

It depends upon your luck. However, if you are getting puffed duck feet they are not greasy and not particularly smelly. Moreover, dehydrated duck feet can be a bit greasy and smelly. However, we would recommend you to take the first-hand experience from someone who is feeding it to their dog already. The only visible unpleasant thing could be the general appearance of the duck feet. It might be a bit uncomfortable for you to give it to your dog. 

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  1. Katie Watkinson

    These are so crunchy and my doberman begs for more. Perfect for a little snack or reward.

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