What can I feed my Dog instead of Dog Food (When I don’t have dog food)

Have you missed your weekend shopping plan and now out of your dog food and dog treats? Well, this is the story of every other pet owner. This is why it is essential to keep in mind the list of a few food items other than dog food, which you can feed your dog in such situations.

We’ll discuss the basic principles for selecting the right food, along with the names of a few things from your pantry that will work as a quick solution for your hungry dog.

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No spices, sugary or fatty food:

Avoid sugary, spicy, and fatty foods at all costs. Feeding your dog food items rich in these nutrients can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

Avoid processed food:

Do you want to share tin noodles or flavored meat with your pooch? Please avoid doing so, as packaged food is harmful to the dogs. Especially the food items containing resins, grapes, and bacon are rich in sodium and fat, which aren’t healthy. 

Don’t give fried meat:

Using white meat or turkey as dog food could be a good option, but not in the fried form. Giving the boiled meat would be the best. 

Be mindful of allergies:

If your dog is allergic to one or a few of the food items, you must make sure to avoid it at any cost, as it can lead to a detrimental impact on your pooch’s health.

Food items you can offer a full meal:

Based on the principles highlighted above, here is the list of items that you can give to your dog if you don’t have the dog food with you:

  • Brown rice
  • Plan low-fat Yogurt
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cooked eggs
  • Boneless boiled chicken
  • Bananas, pears, and blueberries
  • Carrot, corns, and broccoli in the raw form
  • Canned vegetables and chicken (rinse them well to reduce the sodium content).

Most of these food items are readily available in households. So you can fix your immediate problem. However, don’t use these food items regularly. These products wouldn’t satisfy the nutritional requirements of your dog for long. So, be sure to have a safe supply of dog food available in your pantry every time.