What Dog Food is Killing Dogs?

With the frequent rumors related to dog food, you are rightly confused about the food and dog treats brands you should give to your dog. Considering the problems that many pet owners have been facing regarding pet food quality, here is the article to help you.

So, here are a few brands, which FDA has declared to be harmful to your dog. Some might contain dangerous ingredients that can cause allergies and, as a result, dog casualties, whereas the others could be slowly poisoning your dog’s body.

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Here’s the list:


One of the brands that market itself as the high-quality, meat-rich food producer has been accused of using additives and low-quality ingredients in the dog’s food.

The use of meat by-products and low-quality fillers has been the cause of concern for your dog’s health.

Over the last few years, multiple recalls by the brand have tarnished its reputation considerably.

Great Choice:

No doubt, it is a highly affordable pet brand that you can find in the market. But how do they manage to sell at such a low price? That should have rung the bell already. Now, after FDA has named the brand, it has been found that the meals packed under this brand name are full of fillers and artificial additives.

With the two recalls in recent history due to melamine contamination and salmonella contamination, the brand’s reputation has gone down already.

Purina Dog Chow:

The use of artificial colors, additives, and preservatives has also raised red flags on this dog food brand. Corn gluten meal, chicken by-product, and animal digest are the few problematic ingredients that have resulted in product recall from this brand multiple times.

Royal Canin:

This brand is famous for the dog food variety it offers. However, it has been subject to multiple recalls in the past due to melamine contamination.

Not all the ingredients used in this particular brand are of low quality, but the use of a few of them is enough to raise eyebrows. 

Kibbles ‘n Bits:

Another brand that has been known as the famous brand in the US market but isn’t up to the mark is Kibbles ‘n Bits. Corn, wheat, and soy ingredients are quite prominent and are the reason for the dissatisfaction of the pet owners with this brand.

Summing up:

The reason for naming these brands is to make you aware that you can’t trust any brand offering you dog food. You must read the ingredients on the label to make the right choice for your doggie.