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Platinum Pet Treats: All-Natural and Drool-Worthy, Inspected and Independently Tested to Ensure Highest Quality [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR QUALITY ASSURANCES]

What to look for in Dog Food?

Often dog owners, especially new dog owners, have questions pertaining to the responsibility of taking care and raising a new furry friend. Of the most frequently asked questions, the most frequent regards dog food. What to feed a pet and what to look for in quality dog food so that one’s pet can relish the dietary benefits of eating high-quality food.


Now, when it comes to high-quality dog food, firstmost, it is important to find whether or not the product in question meets the nutritional standards that the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) has set. Searching for and finding an AAFCO label is a great thing to find.

Additionally, high-quality food has high-quality ingredients whose nutritional benefits really go a long way. Proteins, for instance, provide energy and are essential for overall physical growth as nutrients like oxygen and various amino acids collectively build and repair weakened muscle tissue, keep healthy skin, and maintain a great coat of fur. Proteins also contain fatty acids that refine the immune system and keep joint health well maintained.

High-quality dog foods tend to offer specific benefits as well and depending on the brand, may also have certain ingredients that others may not. And these foods come in a variety of forms, such as kibble, canned, freeze-dried, or frozen. Given this diversity, what makes the right decision for the pup, and what are things to look for in these types.

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Here are the most important questions to consider when figuring out what the ideal dog food is for your pet. These questions are also great to ask your local vet specialist.

  • Life schedule: Frozen pet food, for example, needs ample time to thaw If you are one to be busy often, then perhaps something more ready will be best. Since cooking, thawing, and preparing a meal of that sort is definitely time-consuming.
  • Dog activity: If your dog is often energetic and very active with other dogs, you may want to choose food that can sustain those high energy levels. Perhaps a more protein-packed diet might be optimal in that instance versus a dog that is more relaxed.
  • Food sensitivities: It is important to be aware of what kinds of foods that your dog might be sensitive
  • Pet age: Food that is tailored for a specific age is That way you can feed your dog food that is just right for their age. Something that they can consume appropriately and chew healthily.
  • Pet weight: If your pet has been diagnosed to have symptoms of obesity then perhaps purchasing food that contains formulas with nutrients that can impact weight loss.
  • Is your pet fixed: Most pets that have been fixed often don’t need as many calories as those who aren’t. Given that fact, an overweight dog that is fixed might need weight-loss food to keep their calorie intake
  • Pet preference: Understanding what your dog’s pallet is will take some trial and error, but figuring it out will definitely make the selection limited and you’ll know what flavors your dog will enjoy.
  • Veterinarian Opinion: It never hurts to seek advice from your local veterinary physician. They can give you key insights about your dog and what kind of diet they might need to be on. Having consulted a vet can go a long
  • Natural Treats: A great thing to consider is natural dog treats. They are extremely healthy and are often void of any additives or preservatives and are a great way to supplement a healthy food diet for your dog. Platinum Pet Treats is a remarkable company that provides dogs with 100% natural, single-ingredient dog chews that can be used to reward or keep your dog

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