What to put in Dog Food to Stop eating Poop?

Malnutrition and stress are two reasons that your dog could be eating his poop. It might sound disgusting, but it isn’t fatal for your dog’s health. You have to find the underlying cause and stop it.

Why would a dog eat its poop?

As discussed, malnutrition could be the biggest cause. But if you are giving proper food or dog treats to your pooch and she still shows this behavior, you must visit the vet and check her for intestinal worms. 

The presence of worms can result in lower nutritional value for your dog, and because of this, she might want to gain all the food nutrients even by eating the poop.

Besides, stress, which is the other cause, can influence behavior, especially eating habits, including poop eating.

Addition of Apple Cider Vinegar:

The addition of Apple Cider vinegar in the dog’s diet can reduce Hydrochloric acid deficiency (which is quite common) in dogs. So, it might keep them away from eating their waste. Adding one teaspoon for every 25 pounds of body weight would be the optimal quantity.

Introduce pineapple in diet:

If you don’t think there is any other issue with your dog and she is just eating the waste out of habit, you can introduce pineapple in his diet. The presence of pineapple in the poop will make it acidic, mixing up the flavor that your dog loves. So, there is a great chance of getting rid of this habit.

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Pumpkin can be a good addition:

Just like the pineapple, the addition of a pumpkin is a good option. Your dog will love its taste, but it will make the poop taste very bad. So, you can achieve your objective.

Summing up:

Using these natural remedies can help your dog leave this disgusting habit. However, you should look for the stressors and nutritional deficiency elements to be sure of such behavior.