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Platinum Pet Treats: All-Natural and Drool-Worthy, Inspected and Independently Tested to Ensure Highest Quality [CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR QUALITY ASSURANCES]

Why Does my Dog Bury his Food?

Here are a few reasons why your dog might be burying their food:


It has long been within their DNA for canines such as wolves and coyotes to bury their meal somewhere so as to preserve it and save it for later. A survival tactic to be sure. Given that these wild animals don’t always know when they’d get their next meal, the act of burying their game serves to a great benefit. In fact, soil acts as a refrigerator, in keeping their game fresh and longer-lasting so that these animals can return to them at a later time. This also prevents sky-bound scavengers from seeping down and stealing a meal.

While some domesticated dogs have retained this wild instinct from their ancestor’s other domestic dogs may not have due to centuries of highly selective breeding. So giving some dogs wild dog food like raw meat and bones, their stomachs might be sensitive to such heavy meals. Nevertheless, should your dog begin to bury their food, best have them eat inside?


Did you know that some dogs bury their food or other things so as to cope with negative experiences of trauma in their past? A form of easing their anxieties, a distraction. Oftentimes puppies that have been bred might have had a rough and crowded time. In fact, rescue dogs can inhibit highly anxious behavior and develop an erratic possessiveness of their belongings, and in turn, bury them so as to have a sense of control and ease in knowing they have their things.

This behavior will change once your dog feels safe and can trust you with their belongings.


Dogs who might be experiencing nausea might “bury” their food. Notice if your dog nudges their feeding bowl away from them and “cover” it with imaginary dirt. And if all of the sudden your dog shows symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, or just becomes disinterested or even disgusted by their normal food, you may want to seek a vet. Or perhaps, you’ve introduced a new diet and it may take them some time to adjust to it and fight their pickiness.


Your dog might be burying their food because you perhaps tend to allow them to overindulge in large meals and so they’ve developed the habit of saving the copious leftovers for later.

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Your dog might be burying their things simply for attention. It may not even be their food or toys, but it could be an xbox controller or a shoe. This might be a sign that your dog wants more attention and affirmation from you. This is their way of expressing their feelings of neglect.

So keep your pup occupied or play with them for an allotted time of the day.


If you haven’t given it any thought prior, natural dog chews might provide a solution to ease the angst and triggers that cause your dog to anxiously bury things in and around the place.

Platinum Pet Treats is an example of a company that sells 100% natural dog treats that are single-ingredient and don’t contain additives or preservatives. The serrano ham bone for instance might be a great chew for your dog to gnaw their anxieties away on. Keeping them entertained and busy for hours, not feeling neglected, and enjoying the benefits of a natural chew.

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